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Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) Peels

Our Highly effective medium depth peels penetrates deep into your pores, wakes up new collagen, stimulates cell growth and provides the top layer with a healthy new glow. Improving tone, hyper-pigmentation, texture and acne scarring, leaving your skin refreshed, renewed, and radiant.


The skin peel can be used in conjunction with other treatments to improve the texture and tone of the skin. Although results can be seen after a single peel, a course of 4 peeling sessions once a week for four weeks is recommended, followed by maintenance peels at 6-8 weeks for optimal results.


The peel is ideal for older, tired, dull looking, damaged skin. 

The treatment consists of... 

*Pre consultation

* Pre treatment skin preparation

*Application of peel and neutralising cream

*Post treatment care


Fan therapy is used during the application of the peel to ease the burning/stinging sensation. The first two days the skin will feel tight. Moisturising, diet and nutrition are essential for the skin healing process. 

The new skin will be pink in colour at first. Within the week the old skin will have fully sloughed away, leaving you with a healthy new complexion.

How long should you wait before applying make-up after a peel?

For the best results, we would always recommend leaving your skin bare for around 12 hours after your treatment, or alternatively using mineral based make-up.


Is it safe to do a peel during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, skin can become more sensitive due to hormonal changes, so we would recommend an enzyme based peel over an acid based peel for skin resurfacing and maintenance. 

What is a TCA Peel?

Easy TCA Peel can be used on all types of skin

Easy TCA is the most famous and internationally known Skin Tech product, a medium depth chemical peeling for skin regeneration. Considered as the safest, the most effective and the easiest peeling with Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) Easy TCA is used to treat fine lines, photo-aging, teenagers skin problems, acne scars, pigment problems (hyper pigmentations), superficial melasma / chloasma, keratosis, smokers skin, stretch marks, “age spots”, etc.

It can be used on the face, body, hands, forearms, neck and/or décolletage

Post Treatment

After applying the Easy TCA Peel to the skin you will experience some mild heat or irritation.  This shows the product is working.  The practitioner will be looking for the first visible signs of “frosting” after which they will apply a post peel cream, which will immediately stop the irritation.  After approximately 30 minutes to one hour the skin will feel more taut and healthy.  Expect some redness which can last up to approx. 3 days.

Your skin may flake slightly after 3-5 days.  Not all patients shed skin in the same way, as all patients are different.  Rest assured you will not shed your skin completely like a snake!  When you do start to peel, do not rub the skin harshly or use exfoliate products.  Do not pick at the skin.  This can cause redness and irritation and possible infection.  

A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the skin. Chemical peels can stimulate the production of new skin cells, rejuvenate and repair your skin.  

A medical peel helps to target skin problems including acne, blackheads, oil congestion, dry, flaky, dull, dehydrated and pigmented skin. Alternatively, it can be used to encourage anti ageing and skin rejuvenation and is the the perfect treatment to keep your skin in tip top health. 


Here at Complexion Perfection we have two types of skin peels....

Superficial peels (Phytic Acid peels) only act on the surface or outer layer of the skin, leading to exfoliation and can be used weekly to monthly for skin maintenance

Deeper peels (TCA peels) penetrate further into the skin and have a more stimulating effect as well as exfoliating, these should be done less often, and ideally not during the summer or periods of prolonged sun exposure. 


Are they painful?

Peels are not painful at all and may cause little or no tingling. The TCA peels that penetrate more deeply can cause a stinging or burning sensation.

Which Peel is right for you?...


Easy Phytic Peel

This treatment is a very light peel, classed as ‘superficial’ ideal for those who have very sensitive skin or just require a general all rounder with no ‘down time’.

The peel gives an effective exfoliation , stimulating healthy skin, without the obvious signs of peeling. The skin will ‘flake’, rather than peel.

It provides slow-release, progressive but complete penetration and full action of all the components of the solution.

This light skin peel will help to:

- reduce acne

- improve mild sun damage

- brighten skin

- tighten pores


Medical Grade Skin Peels

Results can be seen immediately and improve over the following weeks. Treatment results last 12-18months.

From £65 - £120
Phytic Peel £65
 Course of 3 £165
(save £30)
TCA Peel £120  Course of 3 £300 (save £60)

You may experience some mild flaking 3-5 days post peel however can return to work immediately.Your skin may be sensitive post peel and we advise you use a high factor sun protector.

None required


Effects: Beautiful, glowing, healthy new skin at 7-14days
A course of peels is recommended for optimal results.

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