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How does it work? 

Using a patented nano technology and technique to deliver a specific dilution of botulinum toxin, to areas of the face that cannot be treated with conventional techniques. While still allowing full movement of the muscle, this treatment relaxes the skin to give a smooth elevated look.



  • Reduce fine line and wrinkles

  • Relax crow’s feet

  • Skin tightening 

  • Facial lifting 

  • Smooth skin under the eyes and around the mouth

  • Improves appearance of skin pores, reduction in size

  • Reduce acne scarring 

  • Deals with the signs of ageing on the back of hands, neck and chest area

  • Great results for sagging skin on the neck, perioral areas (smoker lines) and marionette lines (mouth - chin) 

SkinTox Facial

30 - 45 minutes

Recovery - No significant downtime. There maybe a  little bit of redness and some areas of pinpoint bleeding  

Prices vary with / without Toxin.
Consultations required for Toxin, contact for further details.

Possible side effects discussed at initial consultation. Results visible after 3-6 treatment sessions.

Topical anaesthetic may be used at patients request

SKINTOX™ - The NEW best kept Secret to younger looking skin SKINTOX™  is a micro needling treatment using a manual stamp device. It is aimed at improving the natural production of collagen and elastin fibres by causing controlled trauma to the skin (Collagen Induction Therapy) - therefore improving the skin quality, tone and texture. The ingredient that makes this micro needling treatment so special is Botulinum Toxin, although it is still a brilliant facial without as the neo collagenesis still occurs. Botulinum Toxin has an effect on the nerve activity, slowing down the nerve transmission resulting in reduced muscle contraction which will reduce the formation of wrinkles. Indirect- no muscle contraction leads to less skin movements, reduce pores and reduce sweat gland activity - skin will look firmer and brighter. 

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