Non Surgical Rhinoplasty.jpeg

Non surgical Rhinoplasty

How does it work? 

This procedure involves using a long lasting dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring and non animal based. Your natural enzymes will slowly break it down over time when you will see a gradual return of your original nose shape and you can simply repeat the procedure if you like. You can look at this like a nose job that is not permanent. 


The dermal filler is injected in strategic points in the nose to :- 

*Straighten the nose, 

*Correct deformities, irregularities or bumps on the nose,

*Lift the tip of the nose 

*Define it 


A consultation and assessment always takes place before treatment to understand your requirements and to ensure that you are given the bespoke results you desire and that suits your face. 


The dermal filler is natural and non animal based. 


The results last on average 12-18 months whereby the filler is naturally broken down slowly over time and your nose returns to its original shape.

5 - 60 minutes

Topical and lidocaine anaesthetic within the fillers 


Possible side effects discussed at initial free consultation.

Recovery - Minimal to no downtime. Swelling, bruising may be possible. 48hours - 2 weeks to settle